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june 2015
• It is a great experience studying at SKC. Alongwith studies, I learnt to lead professional life too. Kedia Sir makes law looks so easy as if it is a very pleasant practical subject. Sonali Aggarwal
3rd Rankholder in Executive Programme in June 2011 (CS Professional Programme)
• When I registered for Company Secretary Course, I was not sure where this road will take me. Joining Sangeet Kedia Classes

became a landmark for my career. Sangeet Kedia Classes helped me to realize my true potential, endurance level and taught me the right way of learning. I really enjoy learning at SKC. I strongly believe that Sangeet Kedia Classes stand by all its motives, i.e., sincerity, knowledge and commitment.
Vaibhav Aggarwal 15th Rankholder in Foundation Programme in June 2011 (CS Executive Programme)

• Sincerity, knowledge & commitment are the 3 pillars of SKC. These 3 words are the basis of this Institute of Learning. SKC provides the perfect environment for building young professional minds. It provides a support system for students to dream & aim high and also helps them to find suitable ways to achieve those dreams. SKC is not just an Institution, it is a place that teaches you how to train you to become successful professional but it is a place that teaches you how to become a successful human being.
Anuja (CS Executive Programme)
After 10+2 when I determined to join C.S., lack of guidance was really a big obstacle to my path. My friend suggested me to go
to Delhi. When I came to Delhi from Patna, the city was really stranger to me. One day while I was searching for an eminent C.S. Institute, a student coaxed me to join SKC. very first day I was in dilemma as I was a science student but the co-operation from the faculty made my task easy. I took one step ahead by passing Foundation programme with good marks. The benevolence and co-operation of Institute is strongly reminiscent of Guru (teacher) Shishya (followers) tradition. If one finds one’s saviour in SKC then one can also crack C.S. exam like me. The sincerity of the Institution, the knowledge of the faculty about the subject, the commitment of Sangeet Kedia Sir towards education is really incomparable. Now, I am in executive programme and I categorically accept that SKC strive for sincerity, knowledge and commitment.
Abnish Kumar (CS Executive Programme)
• A small Dedication to our Guru SKC

I want to thank SKC for nurturing my knowledge,
shaping and reposing confidence in me. As the name suggest it is a “Systematic Knowledge Centre” which not only impart education to the associated students, but also made them aware with the current market scenario. The dedicated faculty of SKC keep it stand different in the crowd. They not only made you understand the implications of law but also keep you aware with the real interpretation of life of a Company Secretary Student. I always feel privileged to be a student of SKC. It is not wrong if I say “At SKC what we learn with pleasure we never forget.” Warm Regards: Nidhi Bhatia (Professional course)
• After passing 10+2, I was much eager to enter into corporate world and for this purpose I registered myself with ICSI. But the path was untraceable to me.
I was looking for a reputable CS Institute but my home town had no proper infrastructure for such type of course. Then I came to know about SKC from my teacher as he used to read the books of Kedia Sir, and he cajoled me to join SKC. After joining SKC I realized that how a good teacher creates differences in someone’s life. I got incessant support from faculty and because of them I entered into Executive Programme. The best thing about SKC is that apart from studies it teaches us about the morality and decency. The founder of SKC, Sangeet Kedia Sir, is an apostle of Co-operation. He pays special attention to each and every student. And with the passage of time I have become confident that the Institute stands true on its logo that it gives us knowledge with full commitment and sincerity.
Deepak Rai (CS Executive Programme)
• I am so privileged to be a part of an Institution like SKC, where I not only grown academically & professionally but on the personal front too.
I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework, and that what I got at SKC. I have no other words but Thanks, Thanks & Thanks
Mukta Sharma (Ex-Student of SKC)
SKC-Where Dreams Come True
I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire team of SKC. Being a part of SKC was a wonderful experience. Teachers at SKC gave me an opportunity to open my mind and gain lots of knowledge. I think it was an excellent decision of picking up SKC for my grooming. I really want to thank all the teachers at SKC for their guidance & support. They provided me good grounding academically as well as personally. I really enjoyed attending the classes here... Sonali Sharma (Ex-Student of SKC)
• SKC-Sangeet Kedia Classes has become a synonymous for CS Professional. Set up in 2007, it has now become
the premier coaching Institute for the profession. Here, you start with 0 level and end up with 100%. The punchline of SKC “Learning By Objective” has been made truly meaningful by its learned faculty through its sincere and committed efforts.
  • They direct all their energies towards incorporating the Corporate Laws into the blood of the students. The Institute has become the market leader within a short span of 4 years. It is the only place where you can build up your fundamentals. The faculty has in its agenda not only the professional development of CS aspirants but also the overall development of the students. Everyday when a student comes out of the class, there is a feeling that he has gained something new, something extra. Alongwith “How” of the things, SKC believes in delivering “Why” of the things. Besides studies, the environment of the classroom is too congenial and the infrastructure is also adequate. Among the teachers and the students, a family kind of environment is developed. SKC is more of a home than just an Institute. In fact, I must say ‘Coaching Institute’ is not the right word for SKC. Rather it should be called ‘The Fraternity for CS’ which runs on the principle of nurturing the student not only as an excellent professional but also as a balanced person socially and morally. Yes, this is the principle of the founder of the institute Mr. Sangeet Kedia – Sangeet Kedia Sir who is truly concerned about the development of the PROFESSION and its professionals as a whole. A very simple, sweet and down to earth person having immense knowledge and experience of industry, who has a strong belief that acquiring knowledge is an ongoing process which should never end up. Really, he is the “IDEAL”- infact “IDOL of GOD” for us.

SKC provides you with the path which will take you “BEYOND THE HEIGHTS” of the profession. I personally believe that if you have entered the profession and you don’t join SKC, you are incomplete as a professional.

I still remember the day when I came to SKC to get myself registered for the classes of Module I of Executive Programme. Like any other student, I also had many doubts about the credibility of the Institute. But it has been two years since I joined it and I have taken all the classes for Professional Programme also from here. Believe me, I gained 4 times more than what I had expected.

SKC is now going to launch SK Satellite Classes so that students who are premised far from Delhi are able to take the benefits of classes.
DIL SE, I would take this opportunity to wish him for this project-

(CS Professional Programme)

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